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since 1994
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15 000 customers from 30 countries worldwide
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ISO 9001

SA-316 POF - shrink tunnel

Professional shrink tunnel SA-316 POF is designed for shrinking foil around wrapped objects. Usually used together with wrapping machines but it can be also used separately. The tunnel is equipped with a radial blower, which allows better hot air scattering inside the chamber. The tunnel also has a chain gearing conveyor providing shaft spinning inside of the chamber that ensures great foil smoothing also on a wrapped object bottom.

Other advantages are:

  • digital temperature adjusting
  • fluent conveyor speed adjusting
  • soft start and stop of the conveyor
  • quick heating after machine switches on
  • stainless covering inside of a chamber
  • stainless conductors and clamps
  • hinged chamber for better maintenance


Tunnel is applicable for operations with medium wrapping capacity.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

ordering code 700 009485
supply voltage 400V/50Hz
power input 12,0 kW
average power consumption 6 kW/hour
weight 450 kg
machine length 1800 mm
material - foil PE
max. packing width 340 mm
transporting speed 0 - 8 m/min.
conveyor height 770 mm
chamber dimensions (H x W x L) 250x400x1200 mm

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Inquiry for the product: SA-316 POF - shrink tunnel



Inquiry for the product: SA-316 POF - shrink tunnel