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Air cushion machines

An integral part of each package is the correct fixation and protection of the goods, and thanks to the products we offer, you will achieve it. Machines for the production of packaging fixation are effective helpers in packaging and very effectively used as a protection of fragile and sensitive goods. They form professional and aesthetic packaging in the form of air cushions or mats that are recyclable, dust-free, reusable and moisture-resistant compared to other fixatives.

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Air cushion machine ActivaAir BP4000

Air cushion machine ActivaAir BP4000
  • professional packaging
  • fast and quiet
  • compact and modern design
  • saves costs

Paperfix 100 Paper Crumplers

Paperfix 100 Paper Crumplers
  • simple operation
  • durable construction
  • saves space and costs
  • 100% ecological