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magnetic self-adhesive tape

Magnetic self-adhesive tape is suitable for fixing of various objects onto the magnetic surface of the tape. Thanks to the self-adhesive layer on the bottom side of the tape, it is possible to fix the tape on magnetic surfaces and also on almost any non-magnetic surfaces. Removable cover layer is made of MOPP film. Magnetic self-adhesive tape has a wide range of use. This tape could be cut easily by hand, it is flexible, it conforms to the shape of the surface and it doesn´t break up (crack). Tape resists very well to weather conditions, low temperatures and UV radiation.


Aplication - After cutting a required piece of tape and removing the protective paper strip you can stick the magnetic tape (strip) to any object.


Recommendation - Before the application of magnetic tape clean (wipe away) the surface, on which the tape should be applied (stuck). It´s best to apply the tape in room temperature that guarantees the highest elasticity of the tape. To keep a long service life and function of the tape it is appropriate to remove the dirt from the surface of magnetic tape occasionally – use the mixture of water and common cleaner.


WARNING - Do not attach neodymium magnet – this could cause demagnetization of the tape.

More information

Magnetic adhesive tape 12,5mm x 106m

Magnetic adhesive tape 12,5mm x 106m
  • width 12,5mm,length 106m
  • one side strongly adhesive
  • magnetic force 90 g/cm lenght
  • could be cut easily by hand