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DP800 conveyor - steel rollers, L=1000 mm, A=80 mm

Non-driven gravity roller conveyor DP is suitable for building conveyor routes from straight and curved modules. This conveyor is intended for transporting cartons as well as other goods with a flat and firm bottom part. This conveyor can be combined into an infinite number of functional modules which again can be combined endlessly. There is also a large range of accessories available.

  • possibility of height adjustment for setting required slope - 580-920 mm
  • 3 working conveyor widths (300, 500 and 800 mm) and 3 different conveyor lengths (1000, 1500 and 2000 mm)
  • with plastic or metal rollers – with diameter of 50 mm
  • stable side profiles for high load capacity
  • surface treatment – galvanic zinc

This model is equipped with steel rollers, width of the track is 880 mm, total length of the track is 1000 mm and axis distance is 80 mm.

Maximum load = max. allowed steady conveyor loading in kg. 

Max. load capacity for steel roller conveyors is expressed in kg for a whole conveyor (maximum load of 1 m of the steel roller conveyor route is often higher than maximum load of the conveyor frame).

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

ordering code 600 001340
track version steel rollers
roller diameter 50 mm
max. loading 120 kg
conveyor height 580 - 920 mm
conveyor length 1000 mm
max. width of a product 900 mm
min. length of a product 225 mm
roller axis pitch 80 mm
conveyor width 880 mm
working conveyor width 800 mm

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Inquiry for the product: DP800 conveyor - steel rollers, L=1000 mm, A=80 mm



Inquiry for the product: DP800 conveyor - steel rollers, L=1000 mm, A=80 mm