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BOPP films

  • biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP)
  • wide range of applications, eg. food packaging (especially pastries and sweets), boxes (CD, tea, coffee), perfumes, magazines, textiles, books, etc.
  • BOPP film is used for packaging with wrapping or folding machines
  • solid film with optimum breathability, resistant to temperature fluctuations and humidity
  • suitable for contact with food
  • high strenght of weld
  • excellent optical and mechanical properties
  • transparent color allows visual control of packaged goods
  • only the flat type or planks
  • width 40 - 1650 mm, roll diameter 250 - 780 mm, thickness 4-40 my
  • clear, white, metallic or with antifog modification (to prevent of fogging of film)
  • lamination and printing on request, surface coating, perforation for the food industry

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