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since 1994
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15 000 customers from 30 countries worldwide
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ISO 9001

SL-110 Styropack - automatic film wrapping machine

Is an automatic wrapping machine SL-110 Styropack suitable for wrapping sets of polystyrene plates or their blocks, foam polyurethane or similar stuffs. SL 110 works on a principle of short-time mechanical extension of classic PE foils, when after heat connection of ends of foil the foil is spontaneously shrunk. By this way a wrapping block is fixed without necessity of using a shrink tunnel.


The main priority of this wrapping machine is high power saving (power input cca 2,5 kW) against wrapping in shrink tunnel (power input of the shrink tunnel is min. 35 kW for this dimension).


The machine is equipped with: 

  • maintenance-free, constantly heated sealing jaw
  • electronic sealing temperature control
  • sealing time controller
  • motor driven input conveyor
  • fluent speed control of conveyor
  • automatic foil unwinding with brake.


The machine can work in full automatic mode or semi-automatic mode with a press-button control.


In standard modification the machine is intended for blocks of dimensions of 1000 x 500 x 500 mm, according to customer´s demand it is possible to deliver the machine for blocks up to dimensions 1000 x 1000 x 500 mm. Capacity of the machine is 6 wrapping cycles / min. Max. thickness of foil is 0,04 mm.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters

ordering code 600 000060
supply voltage 400V/50Hz
power input 2,5 kW
max. film dimension (width x diameter) 1 050 x 300 mm
weight 350 kg
compressed air 4 - 6,5 bar
material - foil PE
film thickness 35 µm
roll type flat foil
machine length 3700 mm
machine width 3000 mm
machine height 2600 mm
conveyor height 830-900 mm
max. packing width 1000 mm
max. packing height 500 mm

Standard modifications

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Inquiry for the product: SL-110 Styropack - automatic film wrapping machine



Inquiry for the product: SL-110 Styropack - automatic film wrapping machine