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since 1994
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15 000 customers from 30 countries worldwide
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ISO 9001

OC-630 - wrapping machine for wrapping coils

The semi-automatic wrapping machine OC-630 is designed for wrapping coils with wires, cables, hoses, ropes, etc. into wrapping film. The machine has two loading, one packing and two unloading positions. The operator uses commands on the touch screen to move the coil between positions and to start the packaging cycle. 

Corrugated paper or machine stretch film can be used to wrap the coil core. Machine stretch film is used for the complete wrapping of the coil from all sides. The coils are transported and unloaded with a forklift or crane.

The machine significantly increases the productivity and quality of packaging, but above all eliminates the dangerous work of manual packaging of spools. This machine is designed for operations with medium packaging capacity.

The machine can be manufactured completely at the customer's request.


The main advantages of this machine include:

  •  electro-pneumatic drive
  •  low operating costs
  •  low machine maintenance requirements
  •  simple and robust construction
  •  rotation of the turntable and rollers is controlled by a frequency converter (smooth start and stop, precise oriented stop and stepless regulation of rotation speed)
  •  automatic cutting of the foil at the end of packaging cycle
  •  adjustable film tightening force
  •  unique film tensioning system with friction roller for smoother packaging
  •  optical safety barrier
Technical parameters
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Technical parameters

ordering code 600 002338
material - foil machine stretch
wrapping material paper
2layer corrugated cardboard
max. wrapping diameter 650 mm
min. wrapping diameter 600 mm
min. packing width 350 mm
max. packing width 500 mm
max. coil weight 600 kg
turntable diameter 1100 mm
max. film dimension (width x diameter) 500 x 250 mm
film pre-stretch yes
compressed air 6 bar
supply voltage 400V/ 50Hz
power input 1,5 kW
dimension (l x w x h) 4280 x 2017 x 1800 mm
machine weight 2000 kg

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Inquiry for the product: OC-630 - wrapping machine for wrapping coils



Inquiry for the product: OC-630 - wrapping machine for wrapping coils