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Decoilers - strap dispensers

Decoilers/dispensers are suitable accessories to our strapping tools. They are produced in various modifications and for various kinds and sizes of straps. They prevent spontaneous strap unwinding, coil damaging, facilitate handling during operation, reduce the risk of working injuries and prevent from strapping material waste (it is not necessary to cut the strap beforehand and subsequently to throw away the rest after strap tension). Decoilers are equipped with stacking box for buckles and tools.

Our decoilers are made from steel sections and stampings with surface treatment of powdery lacquer and zinc chromatizing.

More information

OP-13 - decoiler for PES strap

OP-13 - decoiler for PES strap
  • inner diameter - 75 mm
  • light and portable

OP-14 - decoiler for PES strap

OP-14 - decoiler for PES strap
  • inner diameter - 35 or 75 mm
  • spring brake of strap

Strap lance

Strap lance
  • max. strap width - 35 mm
  • easy strap threading under pallet
  • for plastic and textile strap